About ME

I am Thibault, a 22 year old, self-taught freelance content creator based in Belgium.

In 2017 I discovered my love for photography and after experimenting with different styles I nowaday focus my content on the following three subjects: portait, travel and lifestyle.

With my content I first of all want to show that following your creative instinct is one of the best things you can do in life. Inspiring other people to create content and head out there themselves is one of my main goals. 

Next to my photography I’m also starting to create video content together with other creators and writing stories about different subject also became a new part of my portfolio.

For the next few years I have set an extra goal which is to work together with brands more often and create content for them. The past year I’ve already had the chance to work together with MINI, Meller, Lexus Belux, Prisma Watch, Monomen, Deliveroo and many more.